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HS Technology Group is continually revising this section as our technology offerings evolve. Please check back from time to time to find helpful articles, tips and support topics of interest.

How to Set up Web Pay Online


For your convenience, HS Technology Group provides you with the ability to make payments on your account directly through web pay. Once your account has been set up, you will be able to: Review an open invoice Set up your preferred method of payment with a credit card or checking account Update a credit card or bank account TO BEGIN:

What the other Companies won't tell you about Security Cameras for your Home!


HST tells you the facts between the inexpensive surveillance camera systems and what a custom installation can cost for your home. Want to know the difference between wireless and wired on...

How to stop your security system from BEEPING when there is a power outage.


When your security system loses power, it will continue to operate for a short period of time utilizing its battery backup. Depending upon the age of the battery and the number of power outages, your system can operate for several hours on this power supply. Your system will ALERT you that the power is out and that the system is operating on battery backup by BEEPING at the keypad. Sometimes, this can be annoying, read more to learn how to silence the beeps.

What is Enhanced Call Verification?


What is Enhanced Call Verification and why do we feel its Important you know about it? HS Technology Group has been using ECV since 2002. We have been using this method of dispatching Authorities because it has been proven to lower false alarms.

The 5 Principles of Risk Management


The five principles of Risk Management are Risk Avoidance, Risk Reduction, Risk Spreading, Risk Transference and Risk Acceptance. It is important to understand these five principals when designing a complete security system.

Changing your Phone Lines? What is VoIP?


As more and more people switch their phone service to a newer technology called VoIP, standards will eventually need to be developed. Concerns over how data is transmitted, what happens when the power goes out and how a distress call to 911 is handled are not currently the same with each type of service. Before you make the switch, make sure you understand your options. It makes sense to also involve your security company before switching the service.

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